Red Hook Regatta

Success on the water!

Jesus BenitezComment
Photo by Allison Knoll  

Photo by Allison Knoll  

The first annual 3d printed race was a complete success! I want to thank everyone who came out and supported us. As you know this is the first ever race of its kind. So by being there, you all were a part of history. Hopefully everyone will come back next year to the second annual Red Hook Regatta.

We learned a lot during the past 3 months organizing this event: how to create 3d models using Rhinoceros, how to install RC systems into boats, and how to organize an event. We even learned more about the place we grew up, Red Hook. I'm really grateful to be a Digital Steward. Then to pair up with Pioneer Works, was just amazing. We took an idea David Sheinkopf had and turned it into a full blown event. One that got us interviews and articles, brought the Red Hook community together, and even landed us on PIX 11!

Though the event, in my eyes, was very successful, there were some problems. But since this was the first year, that's to be expected. One problem we faced was the winner of the first heat took in too much water and couldn't compete in the final. Because of this, the event ended in a tie. Next year we hope to make the boats water-tight and impenetrable. Maybe next year we can have a continuation and really see who the winner was -- The U.S.S Blue Falcon or The Lakeshow. As for this regatta? I'm pretty sure everyone that attended would say they had a boat load of fun!