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Quick & Dirty 3D Modeling: World War 1 Ship

Jesus BenitezComment

Today Laurenzo and I learned a new method to use for 3D modeling. When using Rhino you are able to upload pictures and then create a model with those pictures through tracing the curves of the images.. After uploading pictures with different views of a boat we traced the entire layout of the boat from three perspectives: top view, side view, and perspective view. I created another boat model without using this technique and I noticed that it was harder because without anything to trace you have to create everything from scratch. The thing I liked the most about using this method was that it is much easier and it reminds me of when I used to draw with my best friend as a child.  

This is the boat I originally created from:

This is what I designed with using the image above. This one took me about an hour to design:

This is a boat I designed without the quick and dirty method the day before. This one took about 3-4 hours to create. It took time to mess around and create the details even though it's not as clean as the one above. 

This is the first boat I designed, it took me around the same time, but when I finished I knew I could do better.